Keeping Triggers and Cravings in Check

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December 15, 2017
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December 29, 2017

Your recovery doesn’t end at getting clean.

Your brain needs time to rest and adjust because of its associations with people, places and things related to your drug abuse. During this adjustment period, drug cravings can be very intense. Stay on track with your sobriety by avoiding people, places, and situations that can trigger your urge to use again.

While you are in rehab, you will learn your own personal triggers. It is important for you to learn them, so you know what to avoid and develop the self-control needed to resist them. Here are some simple ways to help you keep your triggers and cravings in check during your recovery.

Dealing with your Triggers

Distance yourself from friends who use. Don’t spend with friends who are still doing illegal substances. Surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive of your sobriety journey. If you surround yourself with old friends who still use, they will attempt to tempt you to slip back into old and self-destructing habits.

Avoid places that serve alcohol. Even if you don’t have a problem with alcohol, drinking will impair your judgment. This can easily lead you to relapse. At these places, drugs are easily accessible and the temptation to use can be intense. Avoid any other locations and situations that you can easily associate with drug use.

Be honest about your drug use history when seeking medical attention. If you need any medical done, be upfront with medical professionals. Find a medical provider who will work with you by giving you the option to prescribe natural medicine.

Coping with Drug Cravings

Sometimes craving cannot be avoided. It is necessary to find a way to cope with them.

Get involved in different activities. Read a book, visit old friends, go watch a movie or do a favorite exercise. Once you’re interested in something that you are passionate about, you won’t think so much about your cravings.

Talk it through with a loved one. Talk to a loved one about your cravings when it happens. Talking can be very helpful in figuring out the source of the craving. Also, talking about your cravings often helps relieve the feelings.

Acknowledge When You Are Experiencing a Craving. Acknowledge your cravings. Knowing that it will pass is very important so don’t allow yourself give in. Focusing on your goals is a good way to keep your craving in check.

While acknowledging your triggers and cravings, you can call a loved one to discuss what you are going through to get support. If you are experiencing this you can also give Sober Living America’s hotline a call at 877-430-0086.

Keeping Triggers and Cravings in Check
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