Healthy Tips to Cope with Stress

How to Overcome An Addiction
December 7, 2017
Keeping Triggers and Cravings in Check
December 21, 2017

After addressing your issues with addiction and starting necessary treatment, you will have face the problems head on that led to drug abuse. Did you start using drugs to numb emotions, calm yourself down after an argument with someone at work or a loved one, relax after a long day, or forget about your pressing problems? Once you’re sober, the negative feelings that you avoiding with drugs will resurface. In order for treatment to be a success, you will need to resolve underlying issues.

Once you have overcome your underlying issues, you may continue to experience negative emotions such as hopelessness, stress, loneliness, frustration, anger, and anxiety. However, these emotions are a part of everyday life. It is important to find healthy ways to address and cope with these feelings because it is an essential aspect of your treatment and recovery.

Relieving Stress Without Drug Use

Drug abuse often comes from unreasonable attempts to manage stress. Lots of people consume alcohol or drugs to decompress after a stressful event or avoid painful thoughts, memories, and emotions. There are healthier options to keep your stress level low. You should learn to manage your everyday problems without relapsing. When you’re feeling confident in your ability to quickly destress while facing strong feelings isn’t as overwhelming.

There are different stress relief tips out there. You will have to use the tips that are the most beneficial to you. Here are a couple tips that you can see if they work for you:

Tip #1 – Exercise.

Go for a walk around the block it can reduce stress. Other options are practicing yoga and meditation. These are excellent ways to relieve stress and find an inner balance. Sign up for some fun cardio classes at your local gym.

Tip #2 – Step outside and take in the warm sunshine and breathe fresh air.

Take a moment to enjoy a beautiful natural view. Depending on where you live go up in the mountains, go to the beach or lake. Enjoy the view and get some Vitamin D.

Tip #3 – Play with your pet, if you own one!

Take some time out of your day to spend with your pet. Play fetch, frisbee, or go to the dog park. This will help you get your mind off of things.

Tip #4 – Experiment with scents.

Breathe in the fresh flowers or coffee beans. You could also savor a memorable scent that reminds you of your favorite vacation such as a favorite exotic dish.

Tip #5 – Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful and peaceful place.

Think of a fond memory such as a time well spent with family and close friends or a favorite place. This will help keep your stress at bay.

Tip #6 – Pamper yourself.

Brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Relax. You can give yourself a massage or ask someone to give you one. You could also go to the spa for a massage and facial if your budget allows.

These are just some stress relief tips out there that you can use to help control your stress levels. There are more tips out there if you these are some that you aren’t interested. Be sure to use the tips that are the most beneficial to you. By doing one or two of these tips a day, it will help you cope with your stress better and you won’t want to go back to self-medicating with drugs.

Healthy Tips to Cope with Stress
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