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Imagine that your 26-year-old daughter has been suffering with life threatening addiction issues for the past 6 years. Your 3-year-old grandchild often stays at your house. Your family has been in constant turmoil and argues about how to help. They accuse you of enabling her. Finally, the day comes when she decides to get help. You are so excited. You start calling local treatment centers for help. She had insurance, but used her benefits last year when she checked into a $30,000 a month facility. Unfortunately, she relapsed 60 days after being there, and she still owes them $10,000 for the deductible. After several calls, you lose hope as everyone turns you down. Dejected, you pray for someone to help your little girl..

About Sober Living America

For the past 50 years, individuals with no money or no insurance have been denied help in America. In 1994, our Founder, Jim deVarennes, had seen enough. After getting clean and sober, and seeing what recovery was like firsthand, he left his successful insurance career to start Peachford House. It was the first of its kind and provided residential recovery to people suffering from addiction, regardless of their ability to pay. The first location was a 5-bed facility in Atlanta, which quickly grew to 60 beds becoming one of the largest facilities in Georgia. Peachford's leadership team quickly realized that many recovering addicts faced major obstacles in obtaining employment. They added a jobs program, including Career Advocates, to assist in job readiness and placement, as well as transportation services and a life skills program.
  • 2002, Sober Living America (SLA) was formed as a 501c3 nonprofit, to provide food and clothing (basic needs) to Peachford clients - services which are now provided by community partners.
  • 2010, Sober Living America (SLA) took over the mission of Peachford House.
  • 2015, SLA received their first funding ever, a $25,000 grant from the Scott Hudgens Foundation to open their Duluth, GA location.
  • 2016, SLA created the “Friends Care” campaign to bring addiction education to college students and the public.
  • 2018, SLA opened its 15th center in Spartanburg, SC offering 750 beds and serving over 5,000 individuals annually.
  • 2019, SLA grew to 30+ cities, opened Greensboro 2, developed a curriculum for success, and established SLA University for training.
  • 2020, SLA opened Texas with Houston and Dallas. Their region grew with Gainesville FL, Indianapolis, IL, Richmond, VA. The SLA Help Center was expanded to a new location.
  • 2021, SLA has 1,600+ beds in 35+ cities and continues to grow. SLA opened Ohio with Cincinnati and Columbus, and also opened Dallas 2. SLA has future openings in St. Louis and Indianapolis 2.

Meet Our Staff

Jim deVarennes

President and Founder

Danielle Anderson

Executive Administrator

Levi Jones

Vice President Operations

Tammy Lewis

Admissions Director

Brandy Eighner

Regional Director

Kenneth Woods

Regional Director

Hannah Outlaw


Mikel Stapp

New City Development

Taylor McDonald


Travis Merck

Vice President Sales & Career Development

Oliver Turner

SLA U Headmaster

Kristen Nichols

Provider Specialist

Bryan Dowd

Regional Director

Dustin Salmon


Rene Morrow


Jennifer Fulk

Provider Specialist

Jessica Arrington

Provider Specialist

Caylan Hixon

Regional Director

Adam Benfield

Help Center Director

Jerry Laney

Regional Director

Tim Lewis

Regional Director

Craig Perkins

Regional Director