Education Changes Everything

Join Us In Educating Students and Offering Sober Living Facilities To Families In Need.

Sober Living America is a nonprofit on a mission to stand up and fight the growing addiction epidemic affecting our communities - by educating students and their friends about addiction, carrying awareness to parents and doctors, and bringing affordable sober living facilities to families in need.

100% goes to those in need

When you fundraise or donate, every dollar goes directly to aiding SLAs fight against the addiction epidemic, through recovery scholarships and addiction.

Community Involvement

SLA believes that real change has to start on a community level. To help fight the addiction epidemic in our homes, we must begin with educating our children, doctors, and schools about the signs of addiction.


Celebrating 23 Years of Changing lives


Celebrating 23 years of reuniting families, bringing hope to the hopeless, and fighting the addiction epidemic impacting our local communities and children.


When a loved one asks for help, we believe they need help today. Join us in our mission to provide affordable sober living care to all who need it, and to help restore the families and individuals who have suffered from addiction.

  • 4,000 Families

    Served Annually

    10 Cities

    470 Beds

    70,000 People

    Helped since 1994

    20,000 Students

    Educated about Addiction

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How We Help

Sober Living America is committed to providing affordable, proven recovery services to individual struggling from addiction. To help combat the growing addiction epidemic, SLA has created specialized programs to serve those in need. Learn more about our Sober Living Facilities, Veterans Program, Children's Counseling Program, and Scholarships for the Homeless the Destitute.

Learn How You Can Sponsor Addiction Awareness for Students in Your Area


To make a significant difference in the addiction epidemic, we must start at a community level. Your donation helps provide critical addiction awareness education to a school, college, or community residents. 100% of donations are used within your community.