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Sober Living America in Indianapolis, IN provides high quality, professional, and caring alternatives to drug and alcohol treatment. Our program combines several aspects of recovery into a comprehensive platform designed for people seeking a real path through addiction and a real life after recovery.

Sustainable Recovery is Possible in Indianapolis, IN

Addiction recovery is never a one and done process. Many people seeking recovery that want to lead healthy, fulfilling lives need an alternative to traditional alcohol and drug rehab that provides them with additional life skills to ensure long term success. To that end, Sober Living America provides drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs that go above and beyond. We offer professional recovery services tuned to the individual. In addition, our programs include support, care, and practical techniques to help someone beyond their addiction so they can live their best life going forward.

Sober Living American in Indianapolis Gives You the Tools You Need

Recovery doesn’t just happen all on its own. The recovery of someone suffering from addiction is a journey. Our drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs help people along that journey through life skills training, spiritual development, and recovery education that seeks to bring them back into balance with the world around them.

As an alternative to traditional drug and alcohol rehab programs, Sober Living America in Indianapolis IN wants you to live a better life starting from the very moment you join us. To learn more about how you can beat addiction in Indianapolis IN, contact Sober Living American today.

How Sober Living America in Indianapolis, IN Works

The programs and services offered by Sober Living America in Indianapolis include all the things necessary to help someone overcome addiction and recover in a way that’s conducive to moving forward and leading a productive and fulfilling life. Some of our services include:

  • Housing which allows for peer to peer recovery
  • Immediate, same-day admission so recovery can start at once
  • Long term programs to help those who require ongoing care
  • Career development programs to help recovering addicts reenter the workforce

Sober Living America employs licensed counselors and those with real-world experience. People who enter our program will receive the best of care from people who know what they are doing, what they are talking about, and what is required to succeed.

We also offer transportation services to remove the hassle of getting from place to place, which can often set back recovery efforts. People in recovery will have the ability to move from work to meetings, and back to their apartment without having to go out of their way to do so.

Our Services – How We Help

Apartment Style Roommate Living. Roommates are key! Peer to peer support is key to recovery..
We will teach you how to have FUN in Recovery. Heck – if it’s not fun, then I don’t want to do it either.
Career Development
SLA connects you with employers who provide valuable work experience. Teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life.
Transportation Services
With Sober Living America, our new fleet of vans help you get to work, AA/NA meetings, church, and the store.
Benefits of Sober Living’s Addiction Program
Services Offered Sober Living America
Housing Apartment Style Living with Roommates
Peer to Peer Recovery
Same Day Admission
No Funds Needed for Admission
Long-Term Programs
Career Development
Freedom to Work
Transportation Services
AA/NA Meetings - Onsite
AA/NA Meetings - Offsite
Licensed Counseling (In-House Program)
Real World Experiences
Life Skills Classes
Relapse Prevention
Spiritual Development
AA Big Book Meetings
AA 12 Step Studies
Monthly Cost $800 mo. ($1,890 - Pinnacle Program)

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