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Addiction affects people of all ages and of every socioeconomic background. As a major metropolitan area, Dallas is also home to many people who need excellent drug and alcohol recovery services and programs. Sober Living America provides an affordable option for recovery that leads to long term success.

Why Choose Sober Living America in Dallas, TX?

Sober Living America does not take just one approach to drug and alcohol recovery. We understand that people are not all the same and neither are their needs when it comes to finding the right path toward sobriety and recovery.

As an alternative to traditional drug and alcohol rehab, Sober Living America helps people to tackle the problem from various angles. For example, Sober Living America in Dallas offers:

  • Housing services
  • Life skills and career development education
  • Transportation services
  • Spiritual education

This is only a handful of the services offered. The goal is to help people transition by providing them the type of care, support, and services that will allow them to live a fulfilling drug-free life.

In contrast to many other types of traditional treatment programs, Sober Living America in Dallas provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction program that provides the support each individual needs to overcome addiction and succeed in work and other areas of life. Our professional and caring treatment options aim to prepare individuals in the best way possible to help them navigate the world beyond the recovery process.

Who Can Benefit Most from Sober Living America in Dallas, TX?

Our drug and alcohol addiction program in Dallas is a recovery option for anyone who suffers from addiction and wants complete support for the best possible outcome. Addiction is typically only one aspect of the overall problem.

This is why Sober Living America offers additional support services beyond traditional drug and alcohol rehab programs.

Sober Living America offers housing services to facilitate peer to peer communication and support. Career development plays a strong role in our overall recovery program. Our transportation services can help people move between housing, meetings, shopping, and other facilities.

All these support options are in addition to the actual professional recovery education, counseling, and other services. Getting better and feeling better requires support in all the key aspects of life, which is why Sober Living America in Dallas TX is for anyone who needs real help for drug and alcohol addiction. Contact Sober Living America today to learn more.

Our Services – How We Help

Apartment Style Roommate Living. Roommates are key! Peer to peer support is key to recovery..
We will teach you how to have FUN in Recovery. Heck – if it’s not fun, then I don’t want to do it either.
Career Development
SLA connects you with employers who provide valuable work experience. Teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life.
Transportation Services
With Sober Living America, our new fleet of vans help you get to work, AA/NA meetings, church, and the store.
Benefits of Sober Living’s Addiction Program
Services Offered Sober Living America
Housing Apartment Style Living with Roommates
Peer to Peer Recovery
Same Day Admission
No Funds Needed for Admission
Long-Term Programs
Career Development
Freedom to Work
Transportation Services
AA/NA Meetings - Onsite
AA/NA Meetings - Offsite
Licensed Counseling (In-House Program)
Real World Experiences
Life Skills Classes
Relapse Prevention
Spiritual Development
AA Big Book Meetings
AA 12 Step Studies
Monthly Cost $800 mo. ($1,890 - Pinnacle Program)

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