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Sober Living America’s vision is to serve people seeking help with addiction, regardless of their financial situation. When a loved one asks for help, we believe they should get it today!

About Our Savannah Location

Sober Living America is dedicated to the success of our friends in Savannah, Georgia seeking recovery education, sober housing, career development and unwavered support. We strive to meet the needs of residents suffering from addiction living near Brunswick County through many different types of recovery programs.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, do not hesitate to contact Sober Living America in Savannah. We provide a healthy place for you to live, and give you the skills, education, and support to successfully recover. We even offer transportation services, to make sure you can get where you need to go.

Sober Living America's Savannah location is conveniently situated among resources you need like, grocery stores, bus stops, and healthcare facilities.

With the help of Sober Living America, you too can live free from addiction. Do not let addiction stand in the way of your success. Regardless of your financial situation, Sober Living America in Savannah, Georgia can help you! Contact us today to get started on your new beginning.

What’s the difference between sober living and alcohol & drug rehab in Savannah, GA?

Drug rehab and sober living may seem similar but they are actually quite different. Alcohol & drug rehab in Savannah, GA, focuses on treating withdrawal symptoms and other effects of substance abuse. In many cases, drug rehab also provides counseling that helps you avoid relapses in the future. Sober living helps you develop the real-life skills you need to break free of the bonds of substance abuse. Thoughtfully designed sober living communities create a comfortable and supportive environment that allows you to explore your new drug-free life.

Alternative to Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Savannah

Disappointing yourself, family, and friends can come to an end. We can help you stop, and live a sober life. Sober Living America is an ACTION Program, and we are here all the way to help you take the necessary steps toward recovery. If you are ready to start a new life free from addiction, Sober Living America is committed to guide you. We offer an affordable alternative to expensive treatment with the following services:

  • Transitional Housing
  • Recovery Education
  • Career Development
  • Transportation Services
  • Spiritual Education
  • Life Skills
  • Our Services – How We Help

    Apartment Style Roommate Living. Peer to peer support has 4 times a greater success rate than standard treatment.
    We will teach you how to have FUN in Recovery. Heck – if it’s not fun, then I don’t want to do it either.
    Career Development
    SLA connects you with employers who provide valuable work experience. Teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life.
    Transportation Services
    With Sober Living America, our new fleet of vans help you get to work, AA/NA meetings, church, and the store.
    Sober Living America vs Standard Treatment
    Services OfferedStandard TreatmentSober Living America
    HousingInstitutional HousingApartment Style Living with Roommates
    Peer to Peer Recovery
    Same Day AdmissionLimited
    No Funds Needed for Admission
    Long-Term Programs
    Career Development
    Freedom to Work
    Transportation Services
    AA/NA Meetings - Onsite
    AA/NA Meetings - Offsite
    Licensed Counseling(In-House Program)
    Real World Experiences
    Life Skills ClassesLimited
    Relapse Prevention
    Spiritual DevelopmentLimited
    AA Big Book Meetings
    AA 12 Step Studies
    Monthly Cost$35,000 mo.$800 mo. ($1,890 - Pinnacle Program)

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    100% of your donation will go stop the addiction epidemic by opening sober living facilities to serve those in need, and zero will go to administration fees.