A Solution to the Addiction Epidemic

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November 26, 2017
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November 29, 2017

There probably isn’t only one solution

 The addiction epidemic we’re facing doesn’t have a single facet – there’s certainly not just one cause. There are many reasons that people form addictions, from early exposure to doctors over prescribing medications.

Prescription medication is one of the most abused type of substance –everything from opioids to stimulants can be used and abused.

Even people who were legally prescribed their medications can become addicts without ever thinking it could be a possibility – it can start off completely innocently.  Oh – you hurt your back? Here’s some pills, they’ll make it all better.

Painkillers are thrown at people without thought,

Masking symptoms instead of resolving problems often creates more problems of their own. Prescribed for post operation pain in high doses – patients are effectively introduced and addicted over a period – then suddenly expected to quit, cold turkey, when their prescription runs out.

They go through withdrawals – legally addicted to a medication they were given.

Its torture and some patients can’t bare it – it affects their mood and their thoughts.

Other times they’re prescribed relatively high doses over a long term –  the extended use of high doses of strong medications creates a tolerance to the medication and something stronger is required to recreate the effects of the original dose.

In their desperation – they turn to something else.

What if doctors did more than just mask symptoms?

 What if instead they treated the root cause of the problem instead of the pain that the problem caused. There are other ways to treat most problems but we live in a microwave society that wants results – now. The answer to that attitude has been opioids and strong anti-depressants.

Doctors seem to have an aversion to alternative medicines and instead prefer to push medications, insisting that many alternatives are nothing but snake oil.

Chiropractic care can be an amazing tool to help your body to heal itself but can take time to work –  it’s the best kind of crack. People are impatient and lazy and don’t want to put in the work and since their doctors generally don’t approve of non-conventional means – they don’t even try to seek other alternatives and many just don’t even know that they exist.

Don’t get me wrong – some people need this medication and these addictive substances are their only options. Legalizing cannabis for certain treatments would greatly benefit many patients for a variety of problems and would offer them a less addictive medication, right now – it’s just not an option for people in areas that aren’t yet legal.

It’s got to stop somewhere –

 It’s important to speak with your children from an early age about addiction and what it can cost them. Keep an open dialog with them and answer any questions they may have. There are age appropriate ways of explaining to your children –  so that they’re able to make more informed decisions later on in their life – helping them to do their part to end this epidemic.

A Solution to the Addiction Epidemic
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