Sober Living America
helped get my son into a
new Game Plan

With limited resources and no insurance, we called many facilities and discovered either a waiting list or programs that were too costly. Sober Living America offered an affordable alternative to conventional treatment, to include: same day admission, housing, recovery, transportation and career development .


He did it…so can you!

We decided on the InHouse Program, that gave him 30 days of individual & group counseling with a licensed professional, connected him with a 12 Step home group, and helped him find a wonderful sponsor. Their Career Development connected him with a Community Partner who offered him a full-time job. He’s even doing volunteer work at a local church. It’s great to see him smile again !

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264 Million people know someone affected




That’s almost the entire U.S. Population!


Business Leaders provide opportunities to individuals in recovery.

Our Company had personnel needs, and we met an educated and skilled young woman living at Sober Living America. After hiring her, we learned she was split from her 6 year old son. To be part of helping her reunite with her child, what a blessing! We are thrilled to be Community Partners with Sober Living America.

Hear from Small Groups and Fraternities

Our Small group from Buckhead Church visited to show these people that someone cares. We heard incredible stories, and they seemed so happy that we came by. Although we came to serve and show them God’s love, in the end, it was our group that felt the blessing! We were so moved by these people. We are proud to be Community Partner with Sober Living America to help families escape the pains and horrors of addiction. Click here to see their fundraiser

Our Greek Organization at GA Tech has always been a supporter of charities in our community, and we were happy to volunteer to work at the PGA Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club to raise funds to support individuals at Sober Living America.

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