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OUR PURPOSE is to inspire and “Bring out the Best” in people. We are a non-profit organization on a mission to educate students and their friends about addiction, and to bring affordable sober living facilities to families in need.

Sober Living America: Our Story

SOBER LIVING AMERICA’s mission was founded in 1994 by Jim deVarennes, who recognized the need for affordable sober living facilities to help families in need. Since our inception, Sober Living America has become one of the largest facilities in the country providing housing and recovery services to over 50,000 people. Our program features affordable sober living housing, recovery, spiritual education, life skills courses, career development, counseling, and family support services.

The Friends Care Campaign is the education component to our addiction awareness program. We teach college, high school, and middle school students that One in 12 people lose control when they drink or take pills. The program features a friend guide and video to prepare individuals how to help their friends in need. Friends don’t let friends drink and drive, and likewise friends help friends who have lost control. We realize that friends can help when parents cannot. Our goal is that through education and awareness, we can encourage friends to help friends recognize signs and symptoms in themselves and others.

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Our Location
soberliving location

Atlanta, Georgia (Headquarters)

Address: 2530 Peachwood Circle – Suite #2, Atlanta, GA 30345

Intake Coordinator: Amanda Klingshirn

Phone: 404-634-4974

Email: Amanda.Klingshirn@soberlivingamerica.org

Jacksonville, Florida

9047 SanJose Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32257
Intake Coordinator:
Laura King
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